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Weekend Recap | First Anniversary Celebrations

I know that I am extremely late to this party but I have been quite grumpy the last couple days and in complete vacation withdrawal.  The skies opened up this morning and as I was driving to work (late, thanks snooze button that I call husband!) in a torrential downpour I realized that I have made it to hump day and in only two more sleeps it's Friday.  And the sun is supposed to return.  I might just make it friends.
We celebrated our first anniversary while we were on vacation at the lake last week (and we probably always will because we are always at the lake the first week of August) and I was thinking two things:

1. How did the past year go by so quickly??!
2. They say the first year is the hardest but it was our best one together yet!
I guess the next hurdle is the 7 year itch... or parenthood. 

We wanted to go back to the restaurant where he proposed, a lodge built entirely from wood high up in the hills overlooking the lake, but it closed last fall.  It was an amazing place, you always saw deer on the drive up, the food was fantastic and you were surrounded by gorgeous lake views.  It was a very special place to us so it was really sad to find out it had closed.  

Proposal location: a beautiful lodge with panoramic lake views

We decided to finally try the restaurant at a local winery that everyone raves about and we were not disappointed.  The wine was amazing, the view was great (although not quite as amazing as our lodge) and the food was de-freaking-licious!  

Our "new" restaurant, great lake view and food amazing enough to forgive almost anything!

duck liver pate with fresh baked brioche loaf

Prime rib, whipped potatoes and roasted veggies (mine)

Roasted ling cod with saffron "paella" risotto (his)
For dessert we had our wedding cake!  Or at least a bite of it... it was year-old lemon pound cake covered in fondant (we served a separate sheet cake to guests).  This tradition was very important to me (no clue why) and so my mother packed up the top layer of our wedding cake and stored it in her deep freeze until I picked it up a couple days before we left for vacation.  She even left the purple ribbon on it and we cut it right on the festive Christmas box it was packed in.  Thanks Mom!

The top of our wedding cake 1 year later!

Hubby's piece

My piece
Similar to our wedding last year (well not really because this time it was super short) we did a photo shoot thanks to one of my Pinterest finds (and thank you to K for being our photographer).  We took a photo of us holding one of our wedding pictures and then next year we will take a photo of us holding the photo below in a frame and so on every year.  Thankfully hubby played along :)

The only thing missing on our anniversary was the champagne I requested... that did get put in the fridge the night before only to be forgotten about on the actual day... and then again the next day... and for the next 6 days until we left.  It's probably still in there.  Next year! 

I would love to hear what your anniversary traditions are! 

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