Friday, 29 August 2014

Oh Hey Friday | Say Goodbye to Summer

And here it is, the last Friday of August 2014, the unspoken end to summer.  I know that technically September 23 is the first day of fall but the Labour Day long weekend is kind of like the last big bash where we say goodbye to summer.  We are lucky and usually get an Indian Summer with a gorgeously warm and sunny September but it's not the same feeling, don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to have more time to sip wine in the sun but I will smell Fall coming.

 So for today's linkup I am preparing to say goodbye to summer and all the things we will miss.

 1 |  The Lake 

This is no secret, the end of summer means the end of trips to the lake for 9 long months.  We often talk about how much fun it would be to spend New Year’s Eve up there, all cozied up with good food, good wine, a stack of movies and a fire crackling looking out at the lake surrounded by snow… sounds amazing doesn’t it?  Unfortunately the road in the winter is very dangerous and we just don’t feel safe trying it.  Maybe I will try again this year.

Lake house view
Lake house view
 2 |  Hot Dogs

Nothing says summer like hot dogs.  With mustard.  Not sure there is too much more to say on this.

hot dog with mustard
The symbol of summer (source)
3 |  Garden Vegetable Harvests

I had my best garden crop ever this year! The tomato and strawberry plants are still producing and I have one more zucchini and spaghetti squash to pick.  I am so happy we had so much success!  I was even able to give away lettuce and zucchini to our family and neighbours, and I even froze kale to have in my smoothies.  I have an idea for another strip of lawn along our side fence that isn’t doing much but doesn’t get much sun so not sure if any veggies will grow there… any green thumbs out there?  Thoughts?  I successfully grew sunflowers there last summer but I want to try for carrots and/or spinach… or whatever could grow.

Fresh zucchini, tomatoes, peas, kale and strawberries from the garden
My latest garden haul

 4 |  Drying Laundry on the clothesline  

This might seem weird to people but I love hanging our laundry out to dry on the line.  I add liquid fabric softener to the wash cycle, throw the wet clothes into the dryer on ‘Air’ for 10 minutes and then hang them on the line.  Clean sheets are THE best.  I will keep line drying as long as I can but I know the days are numbered.

Full disclosure: not our backyard! (source)

 5 |  Extra daylight and flip flops.

This one is a tie because I couldn’t decide between the two and they go hand in hand so I’m just going to lump them together ok?  There is nothing worse than waking up when it’s dark to get ready and go to work and then by the time you leave to go home it’s dark again!  I love the longer days and feel like I am more productive and get a lot more stuff done.  I’m also awake a lot earlier on weekends, not hibernating half the day away.  And when the sun is out I live in my flip flops, Havaianas to be exact, thank you Marshalls for always having cute colours in my size for a 1/3 of the price!  Plus wearing flip flops all the time is the best excuse getting a little pampering with pedicures J

Havaianas slim black with white polka dots
My latest score! (source)


What are you going to miss most about summer?

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  1. YES to those fresh garden veggies - they look incredible! I'm sad to say goodbye to summer, it feels like it flew by faster than ever.

  2. I'm so jealous of your garden haul! I can't wait to have my own garden, especially for the kale :)

  3. fresh veggies, hot dogs, flip flops= summer to me. I dread saying good bye to summer

  4. No, no, no!! Summer is not over for me yet! LOL! We are actually heading to Nags Head, NC tomorrow for a week for our vacation - then I'll admit that summer is over, ha!

  5. I can't believe it's September already. Where has the time gone? It's crazy! I am ready for some cooler weather and soups/boots/open windows! YAH for that!


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