Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday 5 and #backthatazzup

Is it just me or does the first week back after vacation drag on and feel like two weeks?  And it's not like I was bored, nope, I have plenty to keep me busy and have even had to work late a couple days, but it's finally here - freedom!  Freedom Friday.  I like it.

I haven't linked up with the 5 on Friday ladies, ??? and I am happy to be back.  Instead of going through the 5 things I really miss about Palm Springs (sun, cocktails, food, shopping and the pool... oops) I am going to focus on some things I am looking forward to doing this weekend at home. 

1) Not waking up to an alarm.  As crazy as this sounds, I actually wake up naturally on Saturdays even earlier than my alarm.  I don't get out do bed or anything for a while but the fact is, I'm awake. Sundays are a different story with all the wine, etc.
2) Book Club.  You may remember I belong to the best book club ever and this Saturday we meet again.  Our book this time is Cindy Chupack's The Longest Date, Life as a Wife.  I would love to tell you about it but I have only read the intro... Guess what I'm doing tonight and tomorrow?  

3) Blog stuff.  I want to spend some time mapping out a plan for the month and maybe even working on my social media.  Did you know I have a Facebook page? Yeah I didn't think so.
4) A long walk with Milo.  Fresh air will do both us good and I am hoping to get out and see some signs of Spring.  For the first time since we got home last Friday it's not raining and it even looks like the sun is trying to make an appearance... but the forecast is for more rain through Monday.  

5) DIY Project.  I have some mason jars I want to paint and use on my makeup stand.  I really hope they turn out the way I envision them in my mind...

And for #backthatazzup I have chosen a song that I just love listening to.

Happy Friday!

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