Monday, 31 March 2014

Recap: Date Weekend!

Not only did I have date night with my husband, we spent the whole weekend together!  I had plans to go out with couple girlfriends on Friday night but they ended up falling through.  Half of me was super bummed because we were going out for a delicious steak feast and lots of yummy wine and my two friends are a blast, but the other half of me was looking forward to a chill night.  I definitely need to get our girls night rebooked ASAP though!

I left work on time Friday and hurried home, poured a big road pop and headed out with hubby to do our grocery shopping.  We rented a couple movies and picked up dinner on our way home, I barely made it through the movie and then headed up to bed.

Road pop... shhhh!

I slept in on Saturday and hubby brought me my coffee in bed as I lazily watched a couple of shows. Eventually I got up and organized all our laundry into piles (I've been slacking for a couple weeks so we had A LOT) and it was the perfect excuse to settle in front of the TV to watch another movie. Real productive hey?  Pretty sure I also pinned about 200 projects/recipes/home ideas... wonder if I will ever accomplish any of them?! 

Hubby and I eventually headed out for some drinks at a new restaurant near our house and I discovered a beer I really like.  We enjoyed a few drinks, a couple appies and eventually ordered dinner.  The food and drinks were all delicious and it was great to hang out and relax with my hubby.  

Goodbye wine, hello beer, welcome to the roster!

After we got back home I decided to do something I haven't done in so long - I baked!  I promised hubby a couple weeks ago that I would bake him a chocolate cake with Skor bites plus I have wanted to try a layered cake for a while.  Saturday night baking with a drink is so fun for me and I find it really relaxing as opposed to cooking where I always feel like the donkey in Gordon Ramsay's pressure test! So I decided to bake both cakes.

Chocolate cake topped with Skor bites

My first rainbow cake
Sunday morning I was anticipating a brutal hangover but I actually woke up feeling pretty good, so good that I actually whipped up quite the Sunday-worthy brunch! Oh and I actually found one of the ideas on Pinterest so ignore my comment above.  Needless to say hubby was happily surprised when he came downstairs in the midst of my cooking :)  I made scrambled eggs, baked bacon (easiest way to cook it!!) and pancake cups topped with strawberries and cool whip (the pancake cups didn't actually mold into cups the way they were supposed to but they still tasted like pancakes).

Sunday brunch deliciousness
After brunch I did some stuff around the house to get ready for the week and then went to meet my mom for coffee.  On my way home I picked up my new favorite beer (see above) to end the weekend a little easier.  

I have a week full of long days ahead of me as I finish pulling everything together for our affiliate seminar next week.  We have 24 people coming to town for a full week of training and I am praying that it goes amazingly well.  We have never done something of this magnitude and it's important we pull it off... Wish me luck!

It's been a while since I have linked up Lisa and Bella for the weekend recap so here I am and can't wait to read about everyone else's weekends... hopefully some of you had some sun?!?

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