Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thirsty Thursday

One of the rules of book club is that you never talk about book club wine is consumed.  A lot of wine.  Well I consume a lot of wine, I'm totally the lush of the group.  And because it's fun to try new wines (and hopefully like them) I went to the wine store to ask for something tasty.  

I love the wine store peeps - they always have employee tastings so a lot of them can actually give a real recommendation.  I wonder if they get a discount on wine?  I wonder if I can get a PT job working like 2 hours a week so I can take advantage of the discount... 

You know what always gets me? Labels.  I love a good label and will buy a bottle simply because I like it, but I lucked out this time because I also really enjoyed what was inside the label... And I hope the other girls did too but I don't really remember.  I almost didn't even get a photo but thankfully I did (I didn't say it was a good photo though, sorry...)

Long Row's Moscato
This is an Australian Moscato... I like moscatos but they are sweet and some tend to be too sweet even for me.  This one was just right and was very fruity.  I can imagine myself drinking a cold glass on a sunny patio with a prawn appetizer and/or spinach salad with goat cheese... Which might have to happen this summer.  
And isn't the label beautiful??  I'm not sure what it is but I love it, and it's even better in person. Maybe it's the texture - the pink is like a bubble gum nail polish.  I will obviously just have to buy another bottle and take better pictures right?  Sounds only fair to me...
Happy Thursday - only more sleep until the weekend! 


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  1. I love this bottle of wine. I buy wine based on the labels.


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