Sunday, 9 March 2014

What We're Eating This Week

Daylight Savings can suck it.  Losing an hour is the worst.  Especially when you wake up as hungover as I did. Book club was a blast.  Today was one of those hangover days where I didn't move until 11am and even then it was just to change locations from the bed to the couch.  And of course it was a gorgeous day, we even had our doors open for awhile!  Is Spring coming??

We had grand plans of cooking tonight but opted for cereal instead. It was quick and easy and required zero cooking. Today wasn't a complete loss though... I made Milo's food for the month, made smoothies, peeled and cut all the carrots and prepped a bunch of other groceries we bought.  Oh and two loads of laundry.  The clean clothes are covering the couch but at least they're clean right?  I will be playing catch-up tomorrow night, including making my lunch salads.  Which means I don't have lunch for tomorrow so please let me find the strength to not hit up a drive thru.

Here is what we have happening in the kitchen this week:

Sunday: Cereal. No joke... Honey Chex to be exact.
Monday: Beef Lettuce Wraps (we didn't end up making these last week)
Tuesday: Parmesan Baked Chicken
Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner 
Thursday: Tortellini Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Friday: Dinner Out :)

We need some new dinner ideas - any suggestions?


  1. Haha I'm with ya girl, losing one hour is no fun! Your menu sounds great! :)

    1. Apparently it takes 3 days to really adjust to the change... My fingers are crossed haha! Today was a bit better thoiugh :)


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