Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I Love My Feet

At least I do right now because they seem to be the only part of my body that doesn't gain weight.  Normally I curse my midget feet because I am a size 5.  A lot of shoe manufacturers don't even make a size 5!  Guess how much fun shoe shopping is for me?
The one place where I seem to have luck with shoes is Palm Springs so when I was hating every article of clothing I put on my body last week I shifted my focus to shoes.  Michael Kors is usually my PS shoe savior (love the Macy's shoe sales!) but this time I managed to score TWO pairs of cute summer (not MK) shoes for $50!
My new shoes... on our unmade bed... awesome photo skills hey? ;)

I was beyond  thrilled to find a pair of small Havaianas at Marshall's for $9.99 and they're super cute with fancy straps!  I live in these during the summer but Havaianas trick me... they have a size 35-36 which is almost always more of a 6 but every once in a while I get lucky and find a 35-36 that is smaller than the rest and fits!  I think this has happened 3 times (not that this stops me from wearing the bigger ones, I just trip a lot more;) and this was one of those times. 
I then scored again at DSW Shoes (incidentally where I found my first ever pair of Havaianas that fit!) and found these cute flats.  My office is very casual so (thankfully) I would get weird looks if I wore heels but I still like to look cute in my jeans.  I found these Steve Madden flats that are a multi-coloured reptile pattern (they might not photograph well but they're cute in real life!)... and the cashier was even surprised I found a size 5!
So thank you once again Palm Springs, you saved my vacay shopping with your amazing shoes!
Do you have small feet?  If so where do you find your shoes??

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  1. I have small feet too and can never find shoes that I love.. esp running shoes b/c I don't want to wear kids shoes b/c the padding isn't enough. I LOVE these shoes!!! I may shoe thief these from you. :)


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