Thursday, 6 March 2014

We Stole a Baby

Well we really really wanted to. Not kidding... 

Our friends welcomed their baby girl recently and last night the hubby and I got to meet the little peanut.  She is teeny tiny (6lbs) and I could cuddle her for hours and hours. We are so happy for them and their little family :)

My favorite image of the night? This one:

My husband could not have been more enamored by that little girl.  Her daddy is his best friend and has been since high school, and I know hubby is very happy and excited for him.  I am pretty sure she already has daddy AND her "uncle" wrapped around her little finger.

My future baby daddy :)
Our first selfie
Of course I got my cuddles in too and see many more in my future... and I love the baby girl clothes! I have only had nephews to buy baby clothes for so I may end up spoiling this one a little bit. 

We can't wait to babysit!


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