Monday, 17 March 2014

Weekend Recap... Sorcerer for the Win!

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This weekend was the perfect mix of busy and relaxed.  Friday night we ordered in sushi and watched a movie, then went to bed at a decent hour because we were gearing up for a busy Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed right out to get our day started.  We went to hubby's favorite store Home Depot where he bought... I know it's stuff for the yard but that's about it. Meanwhile I bought four cans of spray paint in great colors, a DIY dream, now I just need to figure out what to do with them.   Then it was off to Target where I discovered all their basic T's and tanks were basically half price, and then it was all over, I am fully stocked for summer!  About an hour and a half later he managed to drag me out of there and we got our grocery shop done.

Saturday night we went to our friend's house for drinks, dinner and game night for the first time since they had their baby (LINK).  One friend is an awesome cook so he made pulled pork tacos and delicious salad, we had lots of wine, and I got lots of newborn baby snuggles.  We played the game Cards Against Humanity (you have to be really open-minded to enjoy this game and I sincerely apologize if it offends anyone) and even better, I won.  Basically someone reads out a statement/question/fill-in-the-blanks (black card) and every one else chooses one of their white cards as the best response, whoever's card wins gets a point.

Two of my winners:

Sunday was, as usual, our somewhat lazy day. We woke up at a decent hour and hubby brought me coffee in bed (I love these mornings!).  After enjoying coffee and breakfast, I set up shop in the TV room to prep all our veggies for the week while watching my recordings.  Oh and I also did five loads of laundry.  But it was great, I was home and relaxing while making the rest of the week easier.  I peeled and chopped two big bags of carrots - we both take them for lunch and go through a ton.  I'm actually not sure if these will even last us until next weekend.  

My veggie-licious haul:

Lazy Sunday naps:

Sunday night we made dinner together and it was delicious.  We had pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and a broccoli-cauliflower mixture topped with cheese sauce (from scratch, I once made a packet cheese sauce for dinner with my in-laws and they were horrified, I only make the real stuff now!!!).  It was so good, I will post the recipe soon.

Do you have a weekend routine?  Does it mainly involve getting ready for the upcoming week? I would love to hear what other people to keep themselves on track or shortcuts to make life easier.  Please share!


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