Wednesday, 19 March 2014

It's the Little Things... Being Grateful

I really like Ashley's It's The Little Things linkup, especially right now, because I feel like life is a bit too crazy right now.  This reminds me to stop and breathe and remember to be thankful for everything I have in my life.

What is so crazy in my life right now is work.  We are basically relaunching our company and I am in charge of organizing said launch, which includes a 5 day training seminar with 25 of our sales affiliates and 3 product launches.  The seminar is desparately needed, the training, the product info, everything that we are doing is desparately needed.  Alll the work that goes into that plus everything behind the scenes is time consuming not to mention doing my every day job requirements, so I am working long days and get home exhausted and ready to comb into bed.  But I need to remember that I have a job and I work with some great people.  Some people don't even have that.

I also had a small victory in the eating department! We had cake yesterday to celebrate a colleague's 25 year anniversary with the company (isn't that crazy in this day and age?? The guys get Rolex watches and the women get diamond and sapphire rings - I only have 24 years to go!!) and there was obviously a big chocolate cake with icing and chocolate shaving goodness.... And I didn't eat ANY!  It felt so good.  I think I'm actually ready to give this WW thing a shot.  And I'm actually getting the urge to sweat so I think I'm also ready to get my butt back to working out, yay me! 

I can't wait to catch up on everyone's little things this weekend :)

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