Friday, 25 July 2014

Oh Hey Friday: Wet Weekend Activities

It has been pouring rain for the last couple days and I'm not too sure what the weekend is going to be like so I have some indoor activities in mind to keep us entertained.

1 |  Go see a movie.   Sometimes a weekend matinee is just the thing to escape the rainy blues and we have been wanting to see 22 Jump Street.  We liked 21 Jump Street and have heard from quite a few people that the sequel is even funnier.  And my movie theatre water bottle fits a full bottle of wine or 3 ciders so bring on the popcorn!

2 |  Bake cookies.  Or cupcakes, whatever you want, just get in that kitchen and whip up something tasty (you can find delicious recipes here).  


3 |  Go puddle jumping.  It might be raining but the dog still needs to go out and how much fun is it to run through puddles?  I love walking in the rain, hearing all the raindrops fall around me and the smell of freshness in the air.  And it is the best feeling to get home, dry off, put on warm, cozy pjs and curl up with a big mug of hot coffee and baileys.  This is definitely going on my list.  And echinacea is going the grocery list because I don't need to get sick.

4 |  Clean/organize the house.  This one sucks but it is something I have to do this weekend, at least in our spare bedroom.  But it's totally worth it because my sister and her fiancĂ© are coming to stay with us for a few days!  Plus I always find something I bought but forgot about so it's almost like a shopping trip...
Not our actual guest room but a pretty darn close representation of it! (source)

5 |  Take an afternoon "nap".  This might be my favourite way to hide from the rain... and you even get some exercise!  Followed by an actual nap.  And then enjoy some of the cookies and cupcakes you baked earlier.  


What are your favourite rainy day activities?

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