Monday, 14 July 2014

That Weekend I Visited the Pet Cemetery...

This past weekend was a scorcher... and it's not showing signs of letting up any time soon. Actually the weather people are predicting clouds next weekend but 1) that's far away and 2) when are weather people really all that good with predictions? So yes, it's pretty hot which sucks for sleeping so we broke down and picked up an air conditioner on Friday (thank you Facebook buy and sell groups!) - life has been a lot more pleasant.
My weekend in a nutshell involved a little bit of cleaning, a nice long walk along the river, a housewarming BBQ at our friends' new place and laundry.  I managed to take a few photos...

I found our extra wedding invites while doing some organizing... our first anniversary is in 3 weeks!

K and I took the dogs for a long walk along the river, the perfect spot for a hot sunny day because we were in shade most of the time and the dogs had the river at their disposal.  


I have walked this trail countless times but only just found out that there is a "pet cemetery" on the bank up the river. Owners scatter their pet's ashes and many leave something as a memorial... there are photos, collars urns and other mementos. It's kind of morbid but it's also nice to know that the owners have somewhere special to remember their pet.  And it's a pretty amazing resting pace for all those loved souls.


Some of these memorials have been here for so long that they are now covered in moss
I only managed to take one photo at the BBQ but I don't think I could have taken a better one. A friend and breast cancer survivor got this tattoo after her diagnosis and after a 6 month battle, she is thankfully in remission.  These words were her mantra and I can see the strength she got from them.

I stood in the storm
and when the wind
did not blow my way
I adjusted my sails

One step at a time

I also tried a recipe I found on Pinterest and will be posting it this week - stay tuned!
How was your weekend, what did you do to stay cool?
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  1. Hi Sarah, wow that pet cemetery looks a little daunting specially when it's just on the side of the trail, but I agree, it's holy place for the owners and a place to pay their respects to those pets. I love the green pathways and looks like your dog had fun cooling off. I love that quote it's always a great reminder. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

    A Joyful Kind of Life


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