Monday, 21 July 2014

Planning Meals & Giving Away Money

After quite a bit of procrastinating (on my part) we finally nailed down a meal plan for the coming week.  We did great last week except for Thursday when working late and a craving for fries derailed the night.  My husband was asking me at 8:30am what we were having for dinner but there is no way I can think about dinner food before noon much less before I get a cup of coffee in me.  

We are trying another recipe I found on Pinterest and fingers crossed it turns out well... it calls for wine so how can it be bad?  

Sunday: I NAILED dinner tonight!  We decided to have the lemon and herb chicken we had originally planned for last Thursday and I served it with wild rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower topped with cheddar cheese sauce.  I once made a cheese sauce from powder for a family dinner with my to-be-in-laws and I was teased mercifully... I learned how to make a cheese sauce a couple days later!!  Anyway, the chicken was delicious and I will be making this again.

Monday: Hubby is on dinner and pasta is quick and easy for him so he will boil some linguine and throw some prawns in a rose sauce.  Throw in a side salad and we're golden.

Tuesday: We have decided to add pork chops into our dinner choices and are trying this recipe that includes a white wine mushroom sauce, delish!

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner

Thursday: Meatloaf.  And I am trying to decide if I should try and trick my husband with mashed cauliflower or make mashed potatoes for him, cauliflower for me.  That just seems like a lot of work but I haven't made cauli-mash before so really not sure if I can get away with it... thoughts?

Friday: Dinner out!  I'm thinking Greek...

And now that you have suffered through what we plan to stuff our faces with this week - who wants to win some CA$H??
I have teamed up with 16 other ladies who are hanging out on September Farm this month to make someone very happy.  Just enter the Rafflecopter below for $235 cash plus some ad spaces from two of my fellow bloggers!  

Good luck!

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  1. That lemon and herb chicken sounds delish - glad it was a big hit!

  2. Um, I now feel like I've failed as a wife! Thanksss for that! ;) haha, jk, jk! :) My poor hubby and kids end up eating the same things week after week - spaghetti, tacos, pork chops, etc. ha. This is impressive!


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