Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Survival Kit Essentials

I am a big podcast fan.  My commute to work and back is just over an hour and this chick needs to be entertained during that hour, so this is when my podcast addiction started.  As I explained in this post I was originally obsessed with Jillian Michaels but had to branch out and soon after I discovered the Adam Carolla Show and thankfully they post 5 new shows a week!

So as I am driving to work one day a few weeks ago listening to my podcast I heard them announce a new sponsor called Man Crates, the ultimate source of gifts for men.  I wasn't really paying attention (to the ad not the road!) when I heard him say the crates are delivered with a personalized crowbar to open them.  I wasn't sure if I heard correctly (it was about 7:20am and I don't have coffee until I get to work) so I actually rewound to listen to the ad again and I do not regret it.  You see, I am not a good gift buyer, not for anyone, especially my husband... and our first anniversary is coming up.  I was trying to think of something that I could surprise him with that he would actually enjoy and I know a man crate filled with awesome stuff would be the perfect gift.  Plus he would get to pry it open with his very own crowbar.  Can you say perfect gift?!

I checked out the website and immediately found the winner: The Golfer's Crate.  My husband loves golf and would use everything that comes in the box.

The Golfer's Crate

There are a bunch of different choices for guy type (athlete, gamer, carnivore, etc.) and even one dedicated solely to bacon.  I also found another crate that, with a couple tweaks, would be perfect for my hubby.  So hey Man Crate peeps - any chance you can create the Sasquatch Survival Crate (similar to the Zombie Survival Crate)?  If you can get that online in time for Christmas I will be receiving the Wife of the Year award (and just maybe that new purse I want...).  Please keep me posted.

Zombie Survival Crate

So I was all hopped up on Man Crate awesomeness when something pretty amazing happened... out of the blue (and before I placed an order) the company contacted me about participating in their essential survival kit campaign!  I have been asked to share what five things I would include in my own survival kit if I were stranded on a tropical island.  Maybe this means that they are going to create Awesome Chick Crates (and if they aren't I get dibs)?  Whatever it means I jumped at the opportunity to participate.

These are my survival kit essentials:

Desert Island Survival Kit

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1 | S'well bottle: my S'well bottle keeps drinks COLD for 24 hours and I have tested this by leaving it in my hot car for hours and even when the bottle is almost too hot to touch, the wine water inside is still cold!

2 | My favourite sunglasses to protect the eyes and hide the fact that I don't have any mascara or other makeup for that matter.

3 | Wine.  Lots of it.

4 | eos lip balm: I am completely addicted to chapstick.  I love the eos ('eggs' as I call them) because it's really hard for me to lose them.  Plus I saw a DIY on Pinterest that uses empty ones as a travel jewelry cases and that somehow makes them even better.  I have a bunch of these all over the place but the blueberry acai is my favourite.

5 | Sunscreen.  I am a big fan of Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer sunscreen, both the lotion and the spray, because they cover really well but don't feel sticky.  I cover myself in lotion first thing and let it set a few minutes before heading out into the sun and then I spray myself throughout the day.  

What would be in your survival kit?

This post was inspired by Man Crates but I was not compensated in any way.  All opinions are my own.


  1. great kit,, I too would need wine!! :) :)

  2. Great!! I think your blog is pretty impressive. My wife usually carries this stuff in her bag too but she uses a lipstick instead of the chapstick. She even has a deodorant spray in her bag and a bottle of rose water spray that she keeps spraying on her face. She loves this stuff so I was thinking of giving her a cosmetic survival kit for her birthday next week. I wanted it to be special so I was thinking of making something myself. Thanks for giving me some awesome ideas.


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