Monday, 28 July 2014

Weekend Recap: At Home Edition

After work on Friday I dragged the Mr. to our local night market... every Friday and Saturday night from May through September, 20+ food trucks and countless artisans gather to sell jewellery, art, what they think is art and fresh vegetables at the Shipyard Night Market.  I have heard nothing but amazing things and finally managed to drag my husband down there.  As soon as we hit the parking chaos I knew it was a mistake.  I love the man and he tried, he really did, but he hates big crowds and obviously, markets.  Do you have any idea how difficult that is with a wife who loves markets?  Extremely difficult.  But I managed to get a quick walk through and it's amazing, I will for return with someone who gets it, likely my sister B or K.  

the only photo I managed to take on our race through the market

the view at the end of the pier

After escaping the market we picked up dinner (pizza) and headed home to watch a movie (Kevin James so we both laughed) and I polished off a bottle of wine that I opened a couple days earlier for cooking (best excuse to drink wine ever, not that I needed one).

Saturday was yard day.  He mowed the lawn, etc. and I planted a bunch of tomato sprouts that I had been ignoring, and harvested some of the veggies I did manage to plant in May.  After the work was over we enjoyed the sun with a few cocktails.  

garden harvest: purple kale, butter lettuce, green leaf lettuce, HUGE zucchinis, peas and strawberries


Two of my boys

I did a little DIY project

a great ending to a great day.
Sunday was quiet and uneventful.  We slept in, drank baileys coffee while watching Laguna Beach reruns, did laundry and Milo and I managed to squeeze in a trip to the park with Zoe and K.  The dogs went crazy and ran off some energy.  Back at home I was playing around with my camera which didn't go very well because most of my photos are blurry, but I did manage to get a couple good non-blurry ones of my two favourite subjects.

Jinx (my third and final boy) napping on the back porch

Milo napping on the outside bed (it went out one day while we were cleaning and they both love it so it stays out)

And that pretty much sums up our nice quiet weekend at home.  Now we just have to get through the next five days and then we are on our way to the lake for sun, wine, kayaking, family time and tons of fun.  We can't wait!

How was your weekend?
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  1. Your yard looks gorgeous and cupcake prosecco is very tasty. Supporting local crafters, artists and vendors at those kinds of events are a great way to support local.

  2. Total random stalker moment here.. I just read your featured post on September Farm, so naturally I had to go back and read the posts she linked. (Especially because I had to know what Geocatching was..) I see you have a furbaby Jinx. I have a furbaby Jinx, so naturally I have to stalk back in your blog to find a picture of your Jinxy. :) He's precious! And I'm going to start following along now!

  3. I need to take a moment to talk about how freaking adorable your dog is! I'm in love with him! ..oh and Cupcake wine. So in love with that too. ;)



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