Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wine Wednesday: The Naramata Bench

Yes you read that correctly - Wine Wednesday.  Because I wrote an awesome post Tuesday night and clicked "save" like fifteen times and then when I went to post it this morning, couldn't find it!  Nothing.  Nowhere.  My words were just gone... and I was so pissed.  I wrote an awesome post!

So... here we go again.  And if it's lame I apologize but it's hard to duplicate awesomeness ;)

Saturday was actually quite cloudy so we decided it would be the perfect time to go wine tasting. Hubby, my mother-in-law and I climbed into K's car (bless that woman!) and headed out to a couple of our favourites.  Now I may be slightly biased because these wineries are a 5-10 drive from the cabin, but they have done very well for me over the years and I will forever be a loyal follower.

The first stop was Lang Vineyards, a winery that wowed us during our first visit in 2009 and then devastated us when we returned to find it closed in 2010.  Thankfully for us it reopened last summer and is still one of our top choices.  Our Lang favourite is the 2012 Farm Reserve Riesling and we were thrilled that they still have some in stock, both for tasting and for purchase... I just hope the next vintage is just as good, if not better!

Our first tasting of 2014!


A bit higher up the hill, Lang has the most amazing view and next time I need to bring my DSLR!

Our second stop was Ruby Blues Winery.  If you have read my blog since the beginning you have likely seen this name before.  I met the owners a few years ago and they are the most amazing people. Prudence Maher is the mastermind behind Ruby Blues and in addition to making my favourite wine on the planet, she has created a funky little boutique in the wine shop.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of all the fun trinkets (of which I have purchased my fair share) because it's always a flurry of excitement as we cram the wine tasting and a brief hello into about 10 minutes so we can make room everyone else.  It's always busy there which I know is good for them but it really hinders my socializing.
Ruby Blues is a special place for us because the White Stiletto was one of our wedding wines and the coordinating Red was the other, and we took advantage of the invitation to take our wedding photos among their grapevines. 



The perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and take in the view

The new outdoor tasting area complete with gigantic mural and the classics, White Stiletto to the left
and Red Stiletto to the right

The last place we visited (on this short trip) was La Frenz Winery. A favourite among our friends, we visit La Frenz every year as a group and I wanted to drop in to pick up a bottle for a couple that are having their housewarming this coming weekend.  And we were there so we obviously had to do the tasting, it just makes sense right?  We were underwhelmed and ready to leave with the gift bottle when the taste hostess asked if we wanted to taste another wine that wasn't being offered but was open, and again, as if I would say no to free wine.  She proceeded to pour the Alexandria and as I drank, a new wine proceeded to find a place in my liver heart.  It was so delicious!  We bought a couple bottles and I didn't even get a photo - my in-laws loved it as much as we did and it was the perfect choice for our tasty dinner.  We will be stocking up in August :)

La Frenz Winery

Wine tasting always makes you smile!

That about sums up the wine portion of our long weekend... now counting down the weeks (3!!) until we return for a week.  We can't wait!!!
What is your favourite winery?

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