Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dinner Menu: Pasta Anyone?

Happy Sunday!  The sun is actually shining through the clouds and into our bedroom window as Milo and lounge in bed watching one of my current TV addictions, Switched at Birth.  I am pretty sure I will never outgrow these types of shows, I love the drama too much. 

Look it's the sun!!

As usual I have been a bit lazy with the menu planning, and we haven't even grocery shopped yet.  There is a long list of tasks waiting for my butt to climb out of bed but first things first (i.e. coffee and tv in bed) and this gives me time to plan our dinners for the week.  I am at a training seminar for work Monday through Wednesday and on top of being 45 minutes away from my house (in good traffic) the days are long, starting at 7:45am and ending at 5:20pm.  So in order to not eat takeout for the next 3 nights, I need to do a bit of prep work.  Below is what I have come up with and yes it's quite pasta heavy but frankly I'm too lazy to give it a lot more thought! 

Sunday: chili pasta bake - I found this recipe on Pinterest and it combines two of hubby's favorites, chili and pasta.  Oh and cheese.  Can we really go wrong?
Monday: Dinner out for my mother-in-law's birthday 
Tuesday: lasagna roll-ups - we love this recipe that I found on Megan's blog and I plan to cook it all today and then hubby can throw it in the oven while I make the long trek home.
Wednesday: scrambled eggs and hashbrowns (perogies for the hubby too!) this is something I can throw together quickly when I get home 
Thursday: Cheese and bacon breaded baked chicken with asparagus and rice
Friday: dinner out!

Why is it that easy dinners usually come with a lot of calories?  Salads are the exception but there is no way my husband would be full... If anyone has some suggestions please share!

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