Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Long & Tasty Weekend Recap

Oh weekend, how I love thee... parting is such sweet sorrow.  Thank the wine fairy that we will be together again in only 3 sleeps!  But before I get too ahead of myself let's check out the fun that was this weekend and for me, a long weekend.
Friday night was date night in with grilled cheese, fries and gravy and of course a big glass of red wine.  The Opening Ceremonies were on at some point but I was really focused on my wine dinner and not really paying attention.  
I also gave this guy a bath and he was chilly so I wrapped him
up in a bathrobe.  He slept in it all night!
Saturday the sun came out and a couple friends and I went out for brunch (aka my favorite meal of all time) at a new restaurant down on the water so the views were amazing.  They have a wicked brunch menu including feature sparkling cocktails on Saturdays; lucky me they are about 6 blocks from my house so I envision getting to know the place quite well.  I forgot my phone (talk about torture) so had to get my friend to take a photo of the deliciousness that was my meal.
Smoked salmon & cream cheese benny YUMMY!
Saturday evening was craft night at K's.  We ate appies, drank wine, watched a couple rom-coms and did actually do some crafting.  I found a DIY project on Pinterest and was excited to try it, and full disclosure that the only reason I was successful with the centering and lining up of the words was due to K's math.  Once we figured out what we were doing it was pretty easy and I am really happy with the way it turned out.
Being crafty!
Sunday was a purely lazy indulgent day.  We hung around the house doing the odd chore but mostly chilling.  I watched all 9 episodes of Parenthood that I had banked, can you say TV binge?  I also managed to watch 3 episodes of Bones and 2 episodes of Nashville.  There was a nap in there somewhere but basically I watched TV, drank a bottle of champagne (with oj in the morning, I'm not a total animal) and then switched to tequila and Crystal Light margarita mix.  Lunch was leftover pizza and dinner was a bag of popcorn with white cheddar seasoning.  

Hubby had to run out and surprised me with the most perfect rose!

Breakfast: pizza & mimosa
Dinner: popcorn & tequila margarita

I slept in on Monday (doesn't that always feel amazing??) and then spent the day doing mindless wandering with my mom.  We did a bit of shopping and hung out and then I was supposed to make dinner when I got home and was thisclose to ordering something but the hubby stepped in and kept us on track.  It looked and smelled so amazing that I started eating before remembering to take a photo!  So easy, fairly healthy and DELICIOUS!
Cheese & bacon breaded chicken with
asparagus and roasted potatoes
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Can't wait to read about everyone else's weekend! 


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