Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thursday Confessions


My mind is all over the place this week and writing a cohesive post requires a little bit of focus and all of mine is going directly into surviving this week at work.  So enjoy the random that is me.

I picked up McDonalds for dinner last night.  Hubby asked me to get him a milkshake on my way home (I was late leaving work but not really an excuse, how long does it take to scramble an egg and toast?) and as I pulled up to the drive thru I saw the ‘Olympic Dinner for 2’ that came with two commemorative pins which we obviously needed and I was sold. 

I dressed for the gym on my lunch break but went to the mall and bought a sweater.  Not much to explain here, I swear a tiny part of the back of my brain was planning to go to the gym…

I am going to watch the Olympics even though I have friends boycotting it. 

I would be really happy as a stay at home wife.  My hubby has a seasonal company so he’s bored on the days he his home… with the internet, DVR and Netflix I wouldn’t leave my house for days if I didn't have to.  Seriously he needs to invent the next Facebook. 

I cannot take a cute selfie.  I manage to look preggo in all of them (I am not FYI).

I bought a new purple journal.  I have about 5 journals already with 1 or 2 used pages.  And they are all purple.  I definitely may have a problem.

I loathe talking on the phone.  Text or emails only please.

I can never remember movie/tv/music quotes or jokes.  I have the worst memory EVER. 

I don’t remember that much of my childhood, just random snippets and I’m usually a bit off on the reality of those.  See above… do I have another problem??
I am having a hard time picking a blog font.

I love having a husband.  I also love that he brought me coffee in bed this morning on a whim.

I want to spend the whole weekend cuddled up with this guy:


So excited that tomorrow is Friday and wine o’clock is fast approaching!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog and it looks like we have a ton in common! I also hate talking on the phone (but I love texting!) and totally agree about the whole selfie thing! And I also love having a hubby :)

  2. Thanks for visiting and I agree, I checked out your blog and we do seem to have a lot in common. I am obsessed with texting, probably too much!


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