Thursday, 20 February 2014

Win Money!

That's right friends, I am taking part in my first group giveaway and the prize is cold hard cash (in the form of Paypal money)! I am a sponsor for the first time on the lovely Jen's blog Boone & Owl.  As soon as I saw Jen's profile pic I instantly knew I wanted to be on her space.  It's all S's - sassy and sexy with some shy thrown in.  Check it out for yourself! Anyway Jen threw together this giveaway and I'm so happy to be part of it alongside some other amazing blogs.  So please do the other ladies and me a favor and enter ok?  

In other news I finished my training course tonight and after a solid 3 days (29 hours) I am now a certified internal auditor.  I actually work in marketing and my company offered the opportunity and apparently I like to keep piling things on my plate.  So I did it and I enjoyed it but I am now brain tired... my dinner consisted of two kraft cheese slices and two glasses of wine, and I can't wait to pass out.  I will be up again bright and early to head into the office and spend the next two days frantically catching up on everything that I missed and also preparing to be away all next week.  Oh Palm Springs you can't come soon enough!

And because at this point I can barely string two intelligent sentences together, I thought I would share with you all what is currently playing in my Netflix cue.  If you're new to these parts let me just tell you that me and my Netflix are two peas in a pod and the hubby is frequently jealous but I just reassure him he's my number two one when needed.

I am currently rotating between 3 shows depending on my mood.

Party of Five came on the air two months after my father died and it just fit.  Granted it was a group of kids who lost both their parents but it still felt comforting to have some of what I was dealing with happen on TV.  I felt a lot of the same feelings and they addressed issues that I could identify with.  I am re-watching the series from start to finish and am nearing the final one so have almost subconsciously slowed down and am spreading out the episodes.

I love country music but I might love Connie Britton as an actress even more.  One if the first TV series that I watched on Netflix was Friday Night Lights and I fell hook line and sinker in love with Connie Britton!  So when I heard she was on Nashville I started watching but my bad, I missed the first season but was so excited I jumped right into the second.  Then I realized that season one was on Netflix and I have 4 new episodes burning up space on the PVR so I jumped right in.  After some quality couch time last weekend I am halfway and see no problem finishing it up in the next week.

The Good Wife.  Ahhh I love to hate you.  I keep hearing how amazing this show is and yes, it's good, but I'm not totally hooked yet.  I really have to be in the mood  for this and it can't be while I'm drinking or doing stuff in the kitchen.  I will get caught up but it will take me some time.

Basically what I'm watching these days... Does anyone have any suggestions for when I'm done with Party of Five and Nashville?  I need something fun and lighthearted (I - kind of shockingly - loved Raising Hope)... 

So to sum up, my brain is already on vacation and can't come up with anything super entertaining so your stuck with a glimpse into my oh so (not) glamorous life.  Oh and ENTER TO WIN MONEY!!


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