Sunday, 9 February 2014

Evening Sustenance Plan

The best thing about having a three day weekend is the extra time and if you're someone like me you get super excited and plan to do a bunch of stuff around the house but end up spending the day on the couch drinking cocktails and eating tasty food.  On and my regular weekend chores didn't even get done.  But I still have tomorrow!  After I sleep in, hang out with my mom and have a couple more cocktails and eat some more tasty food... I'll have time after that.  Maybe.  We'll see how it goes.  We are so screwed when/if we have kids.

I was planning to post our weekly dinner menu and even wanted to spruce my little graphic up a bit (I really envy peeps with design skills!) but for some reason my laptop hates me and refuses to do anything so I have to do everythung on my ipad and don't have a graphic.  But I do have a mimosa-fueled dinner plan :-)

Sunday: tonight we had leftover pizza from last night (DELISH!)
Monday: shake-baked chicken with asparagus and roasted potatoes (I got a 3 cheese and bacon breadcrumb mix that's looks amazeballs)
Tuesday: tacos! (This one took a lot of brainpower, we use the taco kit and serve with fresh veggies)
Wednesday: tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches 
Thursday: chicken lasagna roll-ups (if you haven't tried Megan's recipe you need to!)
Friday: Valentine's Day Greek Feast on date night!

It seems like the majority of people I know either don't care about Valentine's Day or really dislike it, but I love it.  We have never really celebrated in a big way, we exchange cards and I get flowers but we don't ever really do anything super special.  Well this year we are married and my family basically told him to step up and so he made reservations at my favorite Greek restaurant and I am so excited!  Pretty sure it was meant to be because I was offered a free makeover before dinner, gotta love a little pampering!

And I have been thinking, I really want to surprise him with a tasty breakfast but I do have to work and I hate mornings and basically getting out of bed (again, future spawn issues) so I am trying to figure out something quick bit delicious - any suggestions??

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