Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Lazy Go-To Face Cleanser

I am at the point in my life where I don't really want to spend (and let's be honest, can't afford) a huge amount of money on makeup but skin care is a bit different and I have found a couple products that are reasonable.  I am pretty lucky and have fairly nice yet sensitive skin, and although it took me a few tries to find something that didn't irritate my skin, I now use Aveeno's foam cleanser for sensitive skin.  It works really well and feels nice and soft on my skin and doesn't irritate it.  

But washing my face at night is a pain in the ass.  I always get water around the sink and never quite manage to wash it out of my hairline, or sometimes I take a bath and use the shower attachment which actually works well.  But again, because I'm lazy a lot of the time I just want to pass out crawl into bed, so when disposable face cloths hit the market I was beyond excited.  Just wipe my face a couple times and close my eyes?  Now that's what I call a gift for lazy people!  

As this was a bandwagon I wanted to jump on immediately, I started trying out brands that claimed they were perfect for sensitive skin.  They were not and in fact, my face was on fire and the majority of them felt almost like sandpaper.  I gave up hope and for a not so short time washing my face at night when I was just too damn lazy. 
And then about a year ago some random chick introduced me to Lise Watier cleansing face cloths and I haven't looked back.  I don't use these every day but I keep them by my bed and use them A LOT on weekends.  They are soft, cooling and very gentle on my skin.  If you have sensitive skin - or even if you don't and just want to be extra kind to your face - check these out!  They aren't cheap (approx. $25) but I don't them every day and they last awhile. 
My only complaint is that I wish they sold a container for them.  I just don't believe that they will all stay fresh in that sealable plastic pouch.  So LW if you're reading this, pretty please make a container for these bad boys, preferably a purple one, thanks :)

Now if I can only find a cheaper night cream that feels as good as L'Occitane's I will be one happy camper person who stays in hotels!

L'Occitane - Immortelle Precious Night Cream
L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Night Cream
Can anyone recommend an amazing and well-priced night cream?


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  2. I personally really like Fresh's lotus face cream!! I also use argan oil under the face cream when my face is really dry.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will try the Fresh cream!


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