Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Weekend Recap: Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich??

We had another good weekend, busy but productive.  Productive as in I was not only awake but out of the house doing stuff by 10am Saturday AND Sunday.  I'm not saying I didn't have a baileys coffee to make it just a bit easier though!
A whirlwind Saturday starting with a road pop (what do you think is inside??), K and our cutey-pie niece at dinner, my BIL is now an old man... and chocolate sprinkle sandwiches?!?  We saw these at a local deli and I'm really scared I would actually like them...

Saturday morning we visited a friend in the hospital and then went by my parents house.  Hubby was so happy I was awake that he let me drag him to the mall for a bit and I bought really exciting things like dry shampoo.  We were back home before 11:30am and it was then time to organize the kitchen.  You see I was in no way gifted with the art of organization and when we moved into our house last year things just kind of found their way into cabinets.  I knew in my head where things were but it drove my husband nuts to not be able to find anything.  So my amazing mom (this woman can organize a kitchen, we moved 16 times by the time I was 16 so she has had a ton of practice!) came to help me and we spent a couple hours cleaning everything out and reorganizing.  Now all our spices are in one spot!  And we are banned from buying crackers - we found 11 boxes of stale crackers and 2 unopened.  We don't really even eat crackers that often?

And then it was nap time.  I love Saturdays and I try to only let myself nap on Saturdays, and nap I did. 

Saturday night we went to a family dinner celebrating my brother-in-law's 40th birthday.  There were twenty of us at one of those Japanese Teppanyaki restaurants where they cook everything for you on big grills at the center of the table.  I had so much fun (and way too much sake!) that I forgot to take any pictures.

Snuggles, food and drink - what more can one want on a Sunday?  Maybe for Milo to look at the camera every so often - we're working on it!

Sunday we ran a couple errands we didn't get to on Saturday and then I laid myself out on the couch and caught up on Hart of Dixie.  The sun was shining, the coffee was hot, milo was cuddled up with me... Bliss!  And then hubby took over the TV once Super Bowl started. This was the first year we didn't have a Super Bowl party but we made sure to have tasty snacks while we watched it together.  Well he watched and I played on my ipad but we were on the same couch, that's togetherness right??

This last weekend flew by especially fast and I'm not too sure why but I didn't like it one bit!  

So people who didn't watch the Super Bowl - what did you do?

Only three more sleeps til Friday!
I am a bit late to the game this week but still linking up with Showered With Design and Dateless in Dallas for Weekend Recap. 
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