Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend Recap: Friends, Family and Wine!

This weekend was filled with food, wine, friends and of course some good quality time with Milo.  It was pretty quiet because the hubby was sick and not really up for doing much.

Friday night I was stuck at work later than usual preparing to be away from the office this week and since hubby was sick we ended up canceling our dinner reservation.  I finally got home, we ordered Chinese, I cracked a bottle of Riesling and we watched a movie.  

Poor hubby was sick so Jinx kept him company
On Saturday I had plans to take Milo out for a walk with a good friend and her dog.  Milo and Buddy met for the first time and hit it off right away!  The rain held off for most of the morning and we went to one of the local dog walk trails and we all had a blast.  Milo had a mid-morning appointment at the groomer so I let him get nice and dirty then dropped him off, a win-win for both of us! Then we met up with our other friend and her dog and went for another walk and grabbed a coffee.  We headed home when the drizzle started and I was able to pick milo up and grab a couple crafty items before the wind and rain really picked up.  I figured this was the perfect time for an afternoon nap... And then we had another chill evening watching TV (and I of course enjoyed some nice chilled wine). 

Milo and his new friend Buddy
Milo before the groomer...
And with a fresh haircut!

Sunday was spent close to home, a bit of a sleep in and then lounging in bed before I headed out to grocery shop.  Then I had the oh so exciting tasks of cleaning the kitchen, prepping my breakfast smoothies, some of our lunches, fresh veggies for snacking and whatever dinner prep I did for the week.

Someone really their lazy Sunday in a couch bed

Remember Sunday's Chili Pasta Bake from the dinner menu? Well it turned out to be amazing cheesy goodness!  Score another dinner winner for me!!  

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Next weekend will be a busy one for us... we have a big party on Saturday for my work and then crossing my fingers that our plan for Sunday come together, we will know on Tuesday!

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