Monday, 9 September 2013


Ahh Mondays… they never fail to give me the blues.  I am so not a morning person - hubby almost has to kick me out of bed (he has literally had to pull off the covers and push me out of bed a couple many times).  We had a pretty good weekend hanging out at home, doing some organizing around the house.  I also decided that 9pm on Saturday was a good time to haul down a bunch of our wedding gifts and unpack them into the kitchen… it had to get done at some point right?  Other than that, my sister came over for a few hours on Sunday to hang out (she’s moving in a couple weeks because her fiancĂ© got into law school – I am kind of in denial so will have to write about it once it finally sets in).  Nothing super exciting though and I didn’t take any fun pictures.

Anyway it’s now Monday and I am still super new to this whole blog thing and I didn’t have an exciting, photo-documented weekend… so what do I write about?  Then this morning I came across #Blogtember and thought why?  So I’m jumping in!

Monday, September 9: Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

So I took a different version of this test last week and got the result INFP.  This time I got ISFP.

After reading them both, I think I am more of an INFP.  I see myself as way more fantasy-oriented than being spontaneous… I imagine an adventure and all it could be but I don’t act on it.  An INFP is supposed to work well with people and ISFP’s are supposed to be good in communications roles.  I work in communications (but stay away from sales) but I would jump at the chance to help someone.  I remember when an acquaintance called me a “helper” and I vividly remember not knowing if it was a compliment or not.  Oh well, it makes me happy so I’m not going to stop!

In the end I see myself as both INFP and ISFP, depending on the day, weather, colour I’m wearing… it’s interesting to take these tests sometimes but I also try to remember not to take them too seriously.

Enjoy your evening!


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