Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hello World!

I am a wife.  I love wine.  I have been a wife for a total of… 32 days.  I have been a wine lover for more years than I care to say (even before I was legal!).  I love being a wife so far (insert laughs here)… and I spend my Monday through Thursdays counting down to Friday evening when I can crack a bottle of tasty wine and enjoy date night with my hubby.

Hubby and I have been living together for four years so getting married didn’t change a lot except now we have a legal piece of paper and we finally opened a joint chequing account.  Oh and now when one of us does something to annoy the other, our favourite thing to say now is “well you married me!”.

We have two furbies (yes, I have pets and call them furbies), Milo is our freakishly timid but loving puppy and Jinx is our old-soul cat.  Hubby already had Jinx when I came along but he quickly stole my heart, and we got Milo together.  We are a little family.

Milo Jinx

So why a blog?  I don’t have an answer except I have really always wanted one.  I like the idea of having somewhere to voice random thoughts and ideas, maybe even hopes and dreams, and if it’s in a blog – it’s ONLINE – then I can be held somewhat accountable right?  I enjoy reading certain blogs (names to come!) and wanted to try it out.  So, we will see where this goes!


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