Thursday, 19 September 2013


I have been following a few blogs for a while now and although I can’t remember how I came it across it, I am now what one might call obsessed with I wore Yoga Pants.  Whitney is awesome and I am basically reliving my 20’s vicariously through her fun times.  And she’s witty!  And super cute.  If she reads this she is going to be so creeped out… but yeah, I kind of have a girl-crush.

Then reading IWYP led me to reading Two Thirds Hazel and BAM!  Another funny, cute, witty chick named Erin!  Of course Whitney and Erin are BFFs.  I am not much of a beer drinker but I would chug Miller Lite and shoot Fireball to party with them!  (Keep this in mind ladies!)

Anyhoozle, one of their posts this week was a type of countdown and because I have a crazy day today I thought it would be fun to do it too!

Here we go…

Five things I'll be doing over the next week:

  1. Writing thank you notes after our wedding (I will likely be doing this over the next few weeks…)

  2. Unpacking more of our wedding gifts… our guest room has been taken over!

  3.  Making pancakes on our new griddle (I have only used one at the cabin and I’m hoping it brings a bit of cabin feel to the city :)

  4. Wear a scarf because it’s rainy and chilly outside

  5. Making a banana cream pie!! (never done it before)

Four items that I need to purchase:

  1. Lululemon wunder under crop pants… I wore my BFF’s and they were SO comfortable!!

  2. A tire pressure gauge… the never-ending highway construction/random paving patterns are wreaking havoc on my tires and I’m pretty sure I now have a slow leak in one.

  3. A box of (cheap but tasty) wine… last weekend my sister and I drank 4 bottles of wine – pretty sure we didn’t even taste the last 2.

  4. Work clothes… I have super casual clothes for home (not going to lie, pj pants are my favourite) and business clothes from when I worked downtown, but where I work now has no dress code and so I need the ‘in between’ clothes.

Three shows I can't wait to have come back into my life:

  1. The Big Bang Theory

  2. Revenge

  3. Hart of Dixie

Two reasons I'm excited for fall:

  1. Scarves… I love wearing cute scarves :)

  2. Knee high boots!  I have my favourite boots ever in both black and cognac (my SIL hates it when I buy the same thing in different colours)

One thing that's currently bothering me:

I feel like I’m searching for what I am meant to do.  I like the company I work for and the people I work with, it’s a very relaxed environment and most people have been here for 10-25 years so there has to be something keeping them around right?  But I don’t jump out of bed in the morning excited to be going to work and I would really like to know what that feels like.  I was talking to hubby about this and he agrees, I’m happiest baking in the kitchen on a weekend or napping… I have no desire to work at a bakery (or wake up at 3am!?!?) but I will admit I googled “mattress testers”.  Turns out they do exist but I couldn’t find any vacancies in our area.  So I guess I’m still looking.

Do you love going to work every day?  How did you discover what you are meant to do, what your ‘passion’ is?  If you have any tips, please share!


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