Thursday, 12 September 2013

Indian Summer

We have been ‘blessed’ this week with prime summer weather… not on the weekend when it can be enjoyed but starting on Monday, right after all the air conditioner and all but the bedroom fan were put away.  Leaving the bedroom windows open for a cross breeze doesn't work either because this has also been the worst week for skunk spray at 2am that I can remember!  I know I shouldn’t be complaining because soon it will be cold, wet and gray (maybe even some snow?!?) but I can’t help it, it’s HOT.

Milo and I went for a walk after work and even though I tried to stay in the shaded areas, we were both roasting the whole time and felt gross when we got home.  Milo got fresh cold water and a couple treats and proceeded to pass out on the kitchen floor:


I needed a shower and to somehow cool myself off for the evening before I got things ready for the next day and watched Big Brother with hubby.  It took me about ten seconds to pour a large very cold glass of wine, take a quick cool shower, rinse the tub and then run a cool bath.  I sat in a cool bath with my glass of wine and watched Hart of Dixie on my iPad.  It was lovely.  It might not be the normal way to do things but it worked for me!



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