Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday’s Feature

Friday nights are (unless something very important comes up) date night.  Not a fancy go-out date night, a night that hubby and I spend together doing super exciting things like grocery shop or get things we need for the house (tonight we’re heading to Rona for stakes because my sunflowers are falling over) and then we pick up dinner and head home to put in a movie.  And I open a bottle of wine.  Spring/Summer/early Fall it’s usually white and late Fall/Winter it’s red.  It’s early September so tonight a white is on the menu.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means an expert on wine – I just know what tastes good to me and that after two glasses I am really happy.  And what makes me even happier is that I get to wake up sans alarm in the morning!  (This is because I rarely drink during the week, family dinners are the exception).  I also don’t spend a ton of money on fancy bottles… I stock up on Okanagan wines in the summer and then once they’re gone it’s whatever I like that fits in my budget from the liquor store.

So tonight’s wine feature is… White Stilletto from Ruby Blues Winery!


This was our white wedding wine and I love it and because this is the first time I’m doing this, I figure it should be special.

I also have a confession to make…

Hubby bought me a pair of Crocs.

And I LOVE them.

In my defense, they aren’t the normal design and I would never have know they were if they didn’t say it on the inside (and a tiny tag on the side).  I have worn them every day this week.  Every day.  Home from our long weekend at the cabin, grocery shopping, even to work!  I have them in black and I want a light pair as well!!


Cheers to everyone, happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!



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