Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Alcohol, Food, Spa = Best Book Club Ever!

You know those super fun girls weekends where you laugh non-stop, eat delicious food and drink copious amounts of wine (and mimosas and baileys) and they are always over way too quick? I love those weekends!  FYI I am in the best book club ever (BBCE).

BBCE members from left: CoCo, Slim, Me, Tpain, KMo
We all ditched out of work a teeny bit early and headed out of town. Upon arrival at Slim's (we obvi have BBCE nicknames) place, we quickly popped the cork on a bottle of wine and settled in to discuss our latest book, Gone Girl.  Then we scrambled to get ready and make our dinner reservation.  We went to this amazing Italian restaurant and even though they were out of angel hair pasta (that was a tense moment) we had the BEST tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad - the mozzarella literally melted in your mouth and we inhaled it so fast I forgot to take pictures! - followed by yummy pasta entrees.

Yummy wine and yummy pasta
We got back to the condo just after 11pm, changed into pjs, poured some wine and cuddled under the bountiful stock of comfy blankets to chat some more.  This is actually where we laughed our assess off because we were treated to the latest round of 'kid stories'.  Kids are hilarious and this is one of my favorite things about book club because Slim has a daughter and CoCo has two step kids.  Oh the things kiddies do...

The next morning we feasted on lemon poppyseed muffins, sausages, scrambled eggs and bacon.  I supplied the baileys and mimosas.  Breakfast + booze = perfect Saturday morning. But it got even better.  

Morning booze :)
At 10am we arrived at the Scandinavian spa for our massages and walked into paradise.  We checked in, got our robes and towels and were giddy with excitement.  Oh little did I know...

I love massages.  Like I LOVE massages and my masseuse did actually give me a damn good massage.  But during my massage her phone dinged twice, like two text messages coming in, and then at the end she walked over to the sink to wash her hands, came back to dismiss me and left to wait outside.  As she walked out of the room an overwhelming stench filled my nostrils.  MY MASSEUSE FARTED!! IN THE ROOM!!  

I'm still wrapping my head around it but I did complain at the front desk and I will be filing a formal complaint.  Everyone else had a great experience. 

This spa is actually famous for its silent Scandinavian baths. The idea is to alternate between warmth (hot tub, sauna, steam room), cold baths (cold as in 60 degrees) and relaxation... this is supposed to be therapeutic.  Oh and you're not supposed to talk, just imagine how well that went over with 5 girls.

This was our bath routine:
     Hot tub 15 min
     Cold shower 15sec
     Hot tub 15 min
     Cold pool 15 sec
     Sauna 10 min
     Indoor Relaxation area 15 min (we read magazines on thick padded benches)
     Cold pool 15 sec
     Hot tub 10 min
     Cold pool 15 sec
     Hot tub 10 min
     Relax by firepit 15 min (more magazine reading)
     Hot tub 10 min

I didn't have a camera with me but here is a picture from the website:

The Scandinavian baths
I imagined not even being able to get into the cold pools but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, until the last time, but I did it.  It was a fun experience and I want to do it again but I'm not really expecting any actual therapeutic outcomes.  And I would get another massage there but I would make damn sure it wasn't the same person!

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  1. Farty!! Hey I'm seeing a poop theme in our friendship...lol

  2. Therapeutic or not, the important thing is that you girls had fun together! But I totally get why you complained; that was unprofessional for the masseuse to do those stuff while she’s supposed to focus on her job. You should absolutely choose someone more ethical the next time you visit there.

    Michael LeMoine @ Belleza Med Spa LLC


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