Friday, 3 January 2014

I Highjacked My Resolutions Already

After giving it some thought, a lot of thought, I came up with loooong list of resolutions for 2014 but I am pretty sure that is basically setting myself up to fail already (just ask hubby about all the projects on my to do/DIY/Pinterest list!) so I narrowed it down to the ones I want/need to focus on.
1)      Lose weight.  Yes, I’m one of the 99.4321% that include this every year… please let 2014 be the one.
2)      Be money smart.  I’m not, I suck but I’m now conscious of it and trying to change.
3)      Build my blog.  I am starting slowly but I love the experience so far and hope to work my way into the blogging community more (I have just taken an important step and I am so excited, details to follow!)
4)      Learn how to use my (real) camera.  I have a Rebel T3, my uncle gave me a free tripod and has even offered to teach me… what am I waiting for, you ask?  Good question!
5)      Be grateful for what I have.  I have a family who loves me, amazing friends, a home and food on the table… and there are so many people who go without on a daily basis.  I may be addicted to Michael Kors but I don’t NEED Michael Kors.  But I wouldn’t be upset if the purple Hamilton tote showed up in my life.  I don’t need it but I really really really want it.  And I am shocked (not really) at how fast my frivolous desires highjacked my one thoughtful resolution for this year… and really shows how much I need said resolution. 
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