Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Blog Crushes

I'm not completely sure what the first blog I ever read was but my first blog crush hit me fast and hard. My addiction grew and my eyes wandered but I really feel like there is enough love for them all.

Whitney (known to friends as Whit, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be one!) is funny, witty, open and honest.  IWYP was the first blog that sucked me in harder than The O.C. (pretty sure I just aged myself) and having no clue what Bloglovin was, I constantly refreshed her website daily until I got my fix.  Oh and I too have worn yoga pants to work - best days ever!

I stumbled on Erin's blog through Whitney's posts about all their fun times in NYC and Orlando (I was actually a bit jealous of these two adorable chicks drinking and just being awesome, which kind of scared me because I'm a complete stranger!).  I'm not sure what drew me to TTH, could be the job envy (she's a nanny and loves it) but am pretty sure it's because she's just all around awesome.


Another Erin and another slice of internet escape.  I have been following this woman for like three months and it seems like every couple weeks she has another (fun) business idea!  Her adorable outfits have caused me to seriously rethink my wardrobe and although my wallet may hate her, I love her.  Oh and her family – I follow her dad on Instagram and he’s hilarious. 


Megan is my newest blog crush.  She has the most adorable little girl on the planet (seriously, check out her bed head on Instagram), works full time and posts a weekly meal plan along with deliciously simple recipes.  Oh and she also makes heart shaped cookies with sprinkles with hot chocolate and marshmallows for snack time (again, Instagram).  Megan has her shit together.  And I love being along for her ride!

There you have it, some of my favorite reads (but not all, I have a long list!).  If you have been living in a hole and aren't a stalker of any of these blogs, please check them out.  You will love them too.

What are some of your favourite blogs?

Oh and above bloggers? Please be my blog friend. Pretty please with a giant glass of wine (or Bud Lite) and a shot of Fireball on the side!


  1. Thanks for the love!! You're too sweet! :)


  2. I totally read most of these blogs too and totally have blog envy!


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