Monday, 13 January 2014

(Wet) Weekend Recap

Today I am linking up with Showered With Design and Dateless in Dallas for my Weekend Recap!

It rained all weekend. Rain. All. Weekend.  But it was still the weekend so it was awesome.

Friday nights are always fun!  I pour a big wine into a plastic cup and we head out grocery shopping and to run any other errands we have planned.  Hubby is the list overseer AND grocery cart pusher so I basically drink my wine and happily wander.  Then we usually pick up dinner and head home.

We watched We're the Millers and really liked it, hubby laughed through the whole thing so I know it will become a staple in our collection.  Not that I mind, Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous (I have massive crushes on her and P!nk) and I didn't want it to end which means a success in my book.  Our one massive fail -  completely forgetting to make popcorn and top it with the white cheddar seasoning I have been craving for two weeks and finally remembered to buy only an hour earlier. 

Saturday morning was fabulous as always because no alarm clock woke me up and I slept blissfully until 10am.  After feeding the furbies and making pancakes for breakfast, I relaxed with coffee under a cozy blanket and watched TV… for a good 4 hours.  Eventually I gave into Milo’s pleading eyes and took him to his favourite walking spot with a ginormous field he loves to run around in with other dogs but it was raining so hard there were no other dogs.  I should have known something was up when I got parking right at the entrance to the trail. Milo had a blast anyway but the rain soaked through my shoes and my feet were wet and freezing (mental note: must buy rain boots). 

So much rain :(

That night Milo and I abandoned the husband and went to my SIL/bestie K’s house for what was basically a spa night for me!

Face mask with wine - best "spa" ever!

Wine was poured, the dogs played, my roots were dyed, my face was masked, food was eaten and Vampire Diaries was caught up on.  We made the most delicious salad - baby romaine, beets, corn, cucumber and tortilla chips, topped with southwest ranch and rotisserie chicken.  We ate so fast I didn’t even take a picture!  It’s my new favourite salad though so I’m sure there will be another photo opp.

They look cute and innocent but these two are their own little terrorizing gang!

Sunday went by in a blur and basically consisted of sleeping in, couch surfing and snacking, then dinner with my mother-in-law.    

So there you go, a thoroughly lazy and unproductive fantastic weekend.  Only 4 more sleeps until the next one!

What did you get up to?

Weekend Recap


  1. Thanks for linking up! The pups are so adorable!
    Its fun when you are able to bring your dogs over to your friends house! I have a friend and everyone always brings their dogs over. Dog parties! haha
    xo Showered With Design

    1. It does makes life easier and lets the dogs have a social life too!

  2. My friend has a dog exactly like that white one! I could swear it is his twin. What kind of dog is that?

    We're The Millers is hilarious! I need to watch it again :) Thanks for linkin' up with us!

    1. Milo is a cocker spaniel poodle cross (a "cockapoo")... he has the sweetest disposition and is the perfect dog for us :-)

      We so loved that movie!! Pretty sure we will actually add it to our collection!


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