Monday, 6 January 2014

Weekend Recap: Goodbye Christmas!

Monday. Today is the 'back to work five days a week because the holidays are totally over and it's now just surviving the winter blues until Spring' Monday.  I guess I should be thankful that we're not stuck in crazy winter weather like ice storms or power outages though.  

We had a GREAT weekend!  It wasn't very exciting but after all the celebrating over the holidays hubby and I were both happy to spend some quiet time at home, being lazy and watching TV marathons.  We were actually semi-productive though...

On Saturday, hubby brought me coffee in bed and then let me sleep in while he started taking down all our inside Christmas decorations (he's an early riser and I plan to put that to good use when we have kids!).  Eventually I got out of bed and helped pack everything up while he took down the outside lights.  I get the pleasure of crawling into our crawl space to store all the Christmas stuff so I didn't feel too bad that he did most of the taking down.  And Christmas was officially over as of noon at our house :-( Our neighbors still have their lights up outside - isn't the first weekend if the new year the unspoken clean up? Who else has their lights up?

After taking Milo for a walk in the gorgeous sun (a break from rain yay!) I put on pjs, poured a glass of wine and got comfy on the couch.  We eventually ordered dinner and watched a movie.  Oh and I did my favorite Saturday night activity: drinking wine and baking! I made peanut butter cookies and they were delicious. 


We had sunshine all weekend!!

Sunday morning I got up early enough to make us breakfast (a rare treat for the hubby, I'm so not domestic), finished the last of the baileys in our coffee (mental note, must buy more for next weekend) and munched on PB cookies.
Sunday morning treats

Then we actually left the house to run a couple errands before getting comfy on the couch again. One bonus about holidays are the TV marathons!  I did manage to prep a bunch veggies for snacking, portioned out all my morning shakes for the week, made hubby's lunches and then surprised him with nachos for an afternoon snack.  

Veggie prep

And just like that the weekend was over. 

Did anyone else have a chill weekend after all the holiday festivities? 

Milo is a very resistant cuddler and I love selfies, therefore a bedtime ambush ;)

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