Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bought My First Maternity Top

But I'm not pregnant. We were making the rounds at Target and found ourselves in the midst of women's, maternity and clearance clothes all grouped together.  K spotted the top first, right after I picked up a 3/4 sleeve gray cardigan (that she would likely describe as blah) and only briefly hesitated to tell me it was a maternity top.  It took a bit of convincing (not much, K has great taste and always finds great things for me) but once I touched it, I was sold.  So soft and the perfect color.  
I rocked my new top today in the exact outfit K told me would work (except for jewelry, I need to get her to work on my non-existent collection).  So ignoring my inability to take bathroom selfies and bad hair, isn't it great??  I love it!  

I am now wondering if this has opened up a whole new world of clothing... I saw those jeans with the stretchy band on top, you would barely see it on a black pair.  Imagine eating Christmas dinner with those puppies on? I'm kidding... kind of...

This top would look great with leggings and boots!

This is the perfect dress for a nice dinner on the patio in summer:

And I bet these pants are super comfy:

There are some very cute preggo outfits that I've seen and I'm hoping to need them one day so why not start collecting them now 
so I won't have to shell out a ton of money all at once.  Is there any rational way to make a case here?  Does anyone else 
do this?

Well that's about it for me, if you need me I'll be in Target's maternity section (kidding, maybe).  


  1. Umm totally wish I was that fashionable when I was pregnant...

    1. Haha I have a feeling that I would live in my hubby's sweats and Pyjama pants at home, leggings and sweater at work! BUT if I get used to rocking the fashion early it might work for me ;)


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