Sunday, 12 January 2014

Alcoholic Sundays and Meal Plan

We are enjoying a lazy Sunday (not like we had an overly energetic Saturday or anything we just observe Sunday as a day of rest;) and eventually I'll make my way into the kitchen to get organized for the week.  But first a Sunday Special (baileys with coffee) while I play on my iPad and a movie on the tube.  Maybe even a nap.  Ah the joy of no plan weekends... Which we need to take advantage of now because I'm pretty sure these will be non-existent once we pop out a kid.

One of our resolutions is to eat better and in order for us not flake out and order pizza during the week,  we decided on a meal plan for the week.  I am super lucky that hubby and I alternate cooking dinner during the week which makes it a little bit easier (for me!). One of my favorite bloggers Megan from Hello Newlywed Life has her act together and posts her dinner menu for the week and they always look amazing! I am actually going to try out one of her recipes this week and you should check them out too.

Here is what we have planned for this week:

Sunday: NO COOKING! (dinner with my mother-in-law at one of hubby's favorite restaurants)
Monday: Meatloaf Parmesan
Tuesday: Baked Cod with Cheesy Potato Gratin
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner (veggie scramble with toast, hashbrowns for hubby)
Thursday: Chicken Lasagna Rollups (Megan's recipe, looks delicious!!)
Friday: Dinner Out

Does anyone else plan their meals for the week?  I am always looking  for tasty (easy) recipes!

Linking up tomorrow for a recap of our weekend.
Happy Sunday!

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